Contract Staffing

Looking to discover great talent?

A contract workforce can be challenging to manage, especially when you need additional talent to scale your workforce, and you don't always have the time and resources to source interviews, and select candidates. We respect that your time is precious. That's why we, one of the leading contract staffing recruiters is here to identify your talent gab, business challenges, and hiring requirement. Our expert team creates hassle-free solutions to give you the right fit, experienced high-performing professionals will who meet your hiring and cultural expectation.

Trouble-free conversion

Contract hire is a beneficial arrangement; the employer gets the opportunity to evaluate the candidate in terms of technical skill, cultural fit, soft skills before converting the candidate. At the end of the agreed period, if the employer finds the candidate to be the right fit an offer is made.

Screened & verified candidates

Screening and verification are some of the most important deciding factors in the entire recruitment process. At Vanshria Technologies we work closely and attentively on this, to ensure all the necessary verification processes are carried out to complete satisfaction.

Instant impact

In contract hire, employees do their best to prove their talents and skills in the shortest time frame because they understand they don't have much time to waste. And this hard work has an instant positive impact on your business outcomes.


Contract hiring has the ability to control the scope and cost of your recruitment function. It's the primary reason why the client opts for this. In contract hiring company does not have to pay an annual salary to the employee or any penny for his training.

Risk-secured and flexibility

Contractors can provide a type of flexibility that you may not be able to have with perm employees. They are often required to work odd hours which can come in handy for your business. Its equally risk-secure because you can create a contract for one week or one year, it's totally up to you. Overall it's a great way to maintain flexibility with your staff and cash flow.

We deliver the best

Our process is foolproof and ensures that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with the fastest turnaround time. We first analyze your business requirement and goals in 360 degree and then we always offer you a qualified professional who can achieve your business objective in the desired time frame.